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Organic Coconut Coffee Scrub by Pura Vida Body

Organic Coconut Coffee Scrub by Pura Vida Body

Welcome to the Pure Life. Welcome to living naturally, and treating your body and skin with respect.

You eat organically, and try to live sustainably, so why are you still slathering yourself with dyed lotions that have 100x ingredients, and scrubbing with plastic micro beads? Stop it, and refresh your skin here.

Our inspiration comes from Pura Vida (Pure Life), which speaks from the heart of the Costa Rican lifestyle and embraces living peacefully, naturally, and simply beautifully. At Pura Vida Body, we’ve started small, with a locally-sourced, organic, all natural coffee scrub – to bring Pura Vida to your skin. Our Organic Coconut Coffee Scrub is full of all natural organic Costa Rican ingredients to stimulate your face and body, soothe scar tissue, buff out stretch marks and cellulite, and rejuvenate, soften, and brighten your skin.

Get back to basics, and embrace the Pure Life with us. Your skin will thank you.