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Coconut Coffee Scrub - With Brown Sugar and Sea Salt

Embrace the Pure Life and treat yourself with the natural luxuries of Costa Rica. Always Enjoy Free Shipping!

Our coconut coffee scrub is packed with all-natural, organic, sustainable, and fair-trade ingredients - so you can feel amazing on both the outside and inside. 

Gently smooth away lumps and bumps with ground Costa Rican gourmet Arabica coffee beans, sumptuous coconut oil, sea salt, and sweet brown sugar. Moisturize, firm and tone with an amazing blend of anti-oxidants, healthy nutrients, minerals, and nourishing natural coconut oil.

You'll smell like a tropical goddess, and your youthful, vibrant skin will shine through! Target acne, stretch marks, scarring, cellulite, and other skin conditions. 

Use it gently every other day to keep your skin fresh and healthy. One order (200g) should last about 2 weeks. 

Pura Vida!


organic coffee arabica seed powder (coffee), organic cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, sea salt, organic sucrose (brown sugar)

*Disclaimer - We are not doctors, estheticians, or dietitians. We provide natural ingredients, mixed together, that smell great and make your skin feel amazing. Please make sure to test on a patch of skin before using, keep out of eyes, and if any skin irritation should occur please discontinue use and consult your doctor. 

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