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Why is Costa Rican Arabica Coffee the Best for Drinking and Coffee Scrub?

At Pura Vida Body, we love coffee. We love to drink it and we love to scrub with it.  We're picky about the coffee we drink, just as we're picky about the coffee we scrub on our skin. We want the best - the best quality, the best for the environment, and the best aroma/flavor.  At Pura Vida Body, we also love Costa Rica.  The natural beauty, the healthy lifestyle, and the abundance of eco-consciousness, make it a model for how countries should protect the environment and treat ecological resources.  Costa Rica has high quality, delicious, coffee with many varieties and flavors.  Why is Costa Rican Coffee so Good? The delicious, balanced, and perfectly flavored coffee of Costa Rica is...

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Organic Coffee Scrub a Beauty "Must-Have"

Pura Vida Body's Organic Coconut Coffee Scrub Featured in Gloss and Dirt's 2015 "Best of Beauty!" Fab beauty, culture, and fashion blogger Shannon Ray of Gloss and Dirt, named Pura Vida Body's organic coffee scrub among a carefully curated selection of her favorite must have beauty items of 2015.  We're so honored to be mentioned amongst some majorly awesome beauty brands! Check the video out here:   Happy 2016!  Pura Vida!

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Using Coffee Scrub in Winter

photo via: As a member of our #scrubbassador family, you may have noticed that your organic coconut coffee scrub feels a little different in the colder months. Do not fret! This is natural, normal, and a testament to our fabulous all natural and organic ingredients.  At Pura Vida Body, we are committed to using the best ingredients in our organic coffee scrub. We only use all natural organic ingredients, never add fragrance, and only use 100% extra virgin organic coconut oil (never any filler oils).  By using the best ingredients out there, we create, what we feel is, the best coffee scrub. We have chosen to use only organic 100% extra virgin coconut oil in our scrub. This is quite unique...

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscientious Shopper

photo via: "Seemed like a good idea at the time..." It's Christmas Eve and, once again, you've waited until the last minute to grab gifts for your loved ones. Frantically, you hit the nearest CVS and stare at the wall of gifts that seem to have been pumped out of a factory in China for just this purpose. Tentatively, you reach for a milk-shake maker. Only $9.99, the fun filled gift may make it through 2 uses, and should bring a few laughs, before being put away in the back hallway cabinet never to be seen again. This will do just fine.  Yes, the holidays are here again, but the above moment doesn't need to happen this year. It's not...

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Blogger of the Week: Gypsy Tan

We love perusing instagram and the web for all things beauty, and love finding cool blogs to follow for makeup advice, skin care tips, and DIY beauty tips. We have a lot of blogger crushes, and are excited to share one of our latest favorites! Gypsy Tan  With the super unique vibe that only a blogger from the Pacific Northwest can pull off, Gypsy Tan's boho chic style inspires and awes. She effortlessly sports fringe, while mixing in delicate laces and knee high boots. Her cool style, and fantastic blog, have gotten the attention of major brands around the world like Free People, UGG, and more.  OUR CURRENT FAVORITE POST: Holiday Party Look  Check Gypsy Tan's take on festive attire,...

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