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Pura Vida Body Meets Healthy With Nedi

Recently, we were lucky enough to meet Neda Varbanova, founder of Healthy With Nedi. A certified nutrition consultant, Neda started Healthy With Nedi to share her love of nutrition, wellness, and healthy lifestyle with others. We're down with that - so of course we hit it off! Healthy With Nedi is the perfect blog for all things health and wellness. Neda's own belief is that great health begins with understand the body and mind, optimizing your nutrition, and keeping a positive attitude. The blog features health advice, workouts, recipes, and some fun travel, fashion, lifestyle pieces.  For those who want to take their journey toward greater health and mind further, Neda offers one on one health coaching and consulting. She...

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October DIY: Spice Up Your Coffee

October is for long leafy walks on crisp breezy fall days, pumpkins, oversized chunky knit sweaters, and soothing out dried weathered skin with a savory organic coffee scrub to get ready for winter (cozying up to the fire with soft skin never felt so good).  Many coffee lovers get especially excited about the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks around this time of year. However, as is the case with many delicious fast food chain items, the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte doesn't line up with a healthy lifestyle. Food and Lifestyle Blogger, Food Babe, created this info-graphic to display the problems beneath the pumpkiny foam: Granted, since Food Babe's article was written, Starbucks has started to remove Caramel Color Level IV...

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Best Foods For Healthy Skin and Body

It’s Monday night, you’re exhausted from a long day of work, and looking forward to dinner, yoga pants, a large glass of wine, and endless Netflix. Opening your fridge, you are immediately reminded that you are not, in fact, a functional adult human. Three items greet you: ketchup, week old milk, and a jar of pickles. Sadly, you open the jar of pickles, there’s no way you’re taking your panda bear slippers off for a trip to the store. Why is it that smart, driven, successful young ladies and men can do everything but stock up on healthy eats? Is it the dread of standing hopelessly in the produce section, screaming children running wildly, making you wish your mom would...

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DIY: How to Make Ginger Tea

We're usually more into coffee, but even we can't deny the temptation of a good cup of tea from time to time. Our current favorite: simple to make, fresh, ginger tea with lime and honey.  Treat yourself to a DIY spa day, and enjoy sipping on this refreshingly light brew in between your organic coconut coffee scrub sessions.  Ingredients: 3 TBSP Ginger - feel free to get liberal with it!1 Lime1 TBSP Lemon Grass 1 TBSP Honey - optional Get Choppin! Boil water, enough for about 4 cups of tea. Pour onto ingredients in large tea serving pot. Add honey if using. Use a large spoon to mash ingredients and release flavor.  Let steep for 5 minutes, and enjoy! Pura Vida!    

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Why Choose Organic Skin Care?

Remember the family that went organic for 21 days to see if there was a significant difference in how their bodies reacted to organic food and products vs. conventional? Remember the findings? Even after one day of eating organic foods, and using organic beauty and wellness products, the amount of pesticides found within each family member dropped dramatically.  In an article about the study, published on Huffington Post, writer Alena Hall notes:  "Previous research has established that organic food can pack more nutrients into the same piece of produce than conventionally farmed foods. A recent study from Newcastle University found that concentrations of antioxidants like polyphenolics in organic produce can be 18 to 69 percent higher than in their non-organic counterparts. But...

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