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Why is Costa Rican Arabica Coffee the Best for Drinking and Coffee Scrub?

At Pura Vida Body, we love coffee. We love to drink it and we love to scrub with it.  We're picky about the coffee we drink, just as we're picky about the coffee we scrub on our skin. We want the best - the best quality, the best for the environment, and the best aroma/flavor.  At Pura Vida Body, we also love Costa Rica.  The natural beauty, the healthy lifestyle, and the abundance of eco-consciousness, make it a model for how countries should protect the environment and treat ecological resources.  Costa Rica has high quality, delicious, coffee with many varieties and flavors.  Why is Costa Rican Coffee so Good? The delicious, balanced, and perfectly flavored coffee of Costa Rica is...

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Latte Love: Is Drinking Coffee Good for You?

The alarm goes off, you hit snooze. In seemingly no time, the alarm goes off again. This time you must pour yourself out of your warm down comforty enclave of goodness, and face the cold morning reality. Literally the only thing motivating you past this moment is knowing that a rich, flavorful, warm cup of coffee awaits.  Sound familiar? If so, then you probably partake in a few more cups during the day, and if not, you're most likely a tea drinker...what are you doing here?  Good news for coffee lovers! According to a new study, coffee isn’t just good for your skin – it can also keep you healthier! We love coffee at Pura Vida Body, organic Arabica coffee...

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Health Benefits of Organic Coconut Coffee Scrub

About Us, Our Scrub, and Our Ingredients WHY WE SCRUB THE WAY WE DO At Pura Vida Body we care about the ingredients we buy, eat, and put on our skin. We believe in bio organic, sustainable practices, supporting local communities, and preserving our environment. Our scrubs are made with all natural, organic, ingredients, created and farmed with sustainable practices and sourced from local Costa Rican communities*.  OUR SCRUB Let's Get Back to Basics. The Main Ingredients in Our Organic Coconut Coffee Scrub: Organic Arabica Coffee100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilOrganic Brown SugarSea Salt OUR INGREDIENTS  Benefits of Organic Arabica Coffee:  Naturally exfoliates dry, dead, skin to promote healthy rejuvenation Stimulates blood flow in the skin and promotes circulation with...

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Show Us How You Scrub!

WE LOVE OUR ORGANIC COCONUT COFFEE SCRUB - AND WE HOPE YOU DO TOO! SHOW US HOW YOU SCRUB @PURAVIDABODY! OUR CURRENT FAVE #SCRUBBASSADORS: @sabina_pl  "This is what happens when you combine my two favourite things - MAJOR LOVE for @puravidabody natural & organic coconut & coffee body scrub"  @abbabinns "Pink bathtubs and coco scrub! Thanks @puravidabody it was so good I ate it #puravidabody" @bronwynmahon "Using my day off to get in some much needed pampering with @puravidabody I am now super silky and smell delicious! This could become a habit!" @nife_diyandbeauty "Ragazze questo è uno scrub viso e corpo al cocco e al caffè bio ha un profumo sublime! usato sul corpo riduce la comparsa della cellulite,delle smagliature e delle cicatrici,usato...

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October DIY: Spice Up Your Coffee

October is for long leafy walks on crisp breezy fall days, pumpkins, oversized chunky knit sweaters, and soothing out dried weathered skin with a savory organic coffee scrub to get ready for winter (cozying up to the fire with soft skin never felt so good).  Many coffee lovers get especially excited about the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks around this time of year. However, as is the case with many delicious fast food chain items, the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte doesn't line up with a healthy lifestyle. Food and Lifestyle Blogger, Food Babe, created this info-graphic to display the problems beneath the pumpkiny foam: Granted, since Food Babe's article was written, Starbucks has started to remove Caramel Color Level IV...

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