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Using Coffee Scrub in Winter

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As a member of our #scrubbassador family, you may have noticed that your organic coconut coffee scrub feels a little different in the colder months. Do not fret! This is natural, normal, and a testament to our fabulous all natural and organic ingredients

At Pura Vida Body, we are committed to using the best ingredients in our organic coffee scrub. We only use all natural organic ingredients, never add fragrance, and only use 100% extra virgin organic coconut oil (never any filler oils). 

By using the best ingredients out there, we create, what we feel is, the best coffee scrub. We have chosen to use only organic 100% extra virgin coconut oil in our scrub. This is quite unique in the world of coffee scrubs, as 1) organic extra virgin coconut oil is expensive, and 2) it's texture changes based on temperature. 

organic coconut coffee scrub

Organic extra virgin coconut oil is one of the most nourishing and healthy oils on the market. It hydrates skin without leaving it overly oily, is an anti-fungal, and has antibacterial properties. Many companies use some form of coconut oil, but dilute it. We only use 100% extra virgin organic coconut oil in our organic coffee scrub, as we feel it is the best oil for your skin, your health, and for a scrub base.

In the winter, or colder environments, coconut oil hardens and transforms from a liquid form to a more solid one. The hardening of coconut oil happens in temperatures under 76 degrees Fahrenheit, and in no way changes the quality, or health benefits, of the oil.

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Coconut oil's changing state affects our organic coffee scrub. In colder temperatures, the scrub will be chunkier and more solid - due to the hardening of the coconut oil, which makes up a large portion of the scrub. The health benefits of our organic coffee scrub remain the same - your skin will be buffed, smooth, and the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and scarring will lessen over time.

If you open your coffee scrub to find that it is harder than normal, take the following steps when starting your scrub session:

1. Soak your skin in the shower or bath for 5 minutes, to open up your pores and prepare your skin for a gentle scrub

2. Grab a handful of organic coffee scrub

3. Rub the scrub in your hands to warm it. This will warm the coconut oil in the scrub, preparing it for easy application. 

4. Use scrub as normal. Scrub all over your body and face, especially focusing on problem areas affected by acne scarring, stretch marks, or cellulite. 

5. Leave the organic coffee scrub on for 5 minutes to let the ingredients nourish your skin. 

6. Rinse and enjoy your buffed beautiful skin!

Our organic coconut coffee scrub is about as "all natural" as it gets. We are committed to delivering a high quality product made of organic, sustainable, and ecologically friendly materials. We hope you love our scrub! 

Pura Vida! 

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