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Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscientious Shopper

organic coconut coffee scrub

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"Seemed like a good idea at the time..."

It's Christmas Eve and, once again, you've waited until the last minute to grab gifts for your loved ones. Frantically, you hit the nearest CVS and stare at the wall of gifts that seem to have been pumped out of a factory in China for just this purpose. Tentatively, you reach for a milk-shake maker. Only $9.99, the fun filled gift may make it through 2 uses, and should bring a few laughs, before being put away in the back hallway cabinet never to be seen again. This will do just fine. 

Yes, the holidays are here again, but the above moment doesn't need to happen this year. It's not good for anyone - for the people who have to make the gift, for the environment, nor for the person who's storage space you take up by giving it to them. With a little planning, and a few fresh ideas, your loved ones will be graced with not only beautiful and lovingly crafted gifts, but gifts that aren't made under less than ideal working conditions, aren't made of materials that harm the environment, and are made with sustainability and ecologically safe practices.   

organic coconut coffee scrub

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Move away from mindless consumerism, and conscientiously make gift buying decisions that have a positive impact on health, the environment, and the communities in which they are made. 

Pura Vida Body's Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscientious Shopper:

Better Boots - Fortress of Inca

organic coconut coffee scrub

With everything from heels to flats, booties to knee highs, Fortress of Inca offers cool and unique shoe styles for both women and men. Sourced from Peru, and made sustainably, the brand supports workers by ensuring their kicks are made in safe environments. The workers are paid fairly, and treated ethically, ensuring a guilt free shopping experience:

"We believe that the people who make our shoes are just as important as the people who buy them." - Fortress of Inca

Made of the finest materials, Fortress of Inca's shoes, boots, and accessories make the perfect gift for your fashionable friends and family, and leaves a small footprint. 

We love the Adriana Coco Bootie in Metallic Sliver (pictured above). 

Show Some Love With Scrub 

best coffee scrub

What better way to show your loved ones that you care than to shower them with scrub - organic coconut coffee scrub that is. Pura Vida Body's organic coconut coffee scrub is made sustainably, ethically sourced, and only uses all natural and organic ingredients.

- Perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and animal lovers (as it's cruelty free and never tested on animals).

- Ideal for anyone with sensitive skin (as it's fragrance free).

- A winner if you're shopping for health conscious folks (as it's made with organic ingredients and only uses 100% organic coconut oil)

Grab yours here, and don't forget to show us how you (or your family and friends) scrub with the hashtag #scrubbassador

WElove @ WEdashLOVE

organic coconut coffee scrub

We really love WEdashLOVE. They have an amazing variety - fashion - home - beauty - and their manifesto is legit:

"WE DASH LOVE IS INSPIRED BY: The rapid movement of the conscience minded and a profusion of eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable alternatives to fast fashion and mass produced junk. We celebrate the new generation of intelligent consumerism, choosing timeless above paying less, organic over generic and fair trade over fast trade." -WEdashLOVE

Head here for organic and sustainable products for just about everyone on your list. 

Holiday Shopping in Amsterdam @ Adiuvantes

organic coconut coffee scrub

For those who are traveling this holiday season, and happen to be visiting Amsterdam, Adiuvantes Eco-Concept Design Store offers gorgeously curated clothing, accessories, and gifts. 

"Adiuvantes believes in products that are made with love and care.  We carry a range of different products from botanical skincare, vegan haircare,  handmade tableware, hats, jewelry and bags. All your favorite accessories that make your outfit perfect, create a beautiful atmosphere in your home and get you ready for the day." -Adiuvantes

Pop in, and browse through their stylish and unique collections. Oudezijds Achterburgwal 121 A 1012 DE, Amsterdam. Tel: +31 (0) 6 25 13 40 34

Happy Holidays and Pura Vida!


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