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Winter Skin Woes: How to Combat Dry Skin This Winter

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Soft touchable skin isn’t something that comes to mind when you take a look out the window and see gusting wind and icy snow. Winter is here again, and with it the inner reptilian within each of us. The fluctuation between cold harsh outdoor weather and warm dry indoor weather wreaks havoc on even the most oily skin types.

According to Dr. Nick Lowe, a London based dermatologist at Cranley Clinic, the skin becomes dry in winter due to a few different moisture sucking factors:

“The barrier that prevents skin getting dry is in the outer most layer, the stratum corneum. When the skin becomes dry, the lipids (fats) that help stick skin cells together and prevent water loss are lost. Without them, the cells don't stick well together and flake off. The skin's barrier ceases to be as effective because it's lost some of its natural protective moisturisers - grouped together under the term 'natural moisturising factors'.”

Forget “2 Front Teeth” for Christmas, how about some soft, non-irritated skin. Here are some tips for keeping your epidermis soft and healthy this winter:

Sleep Smart

organic coconut coffee scrub

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When times get rough for the skin, making sure your wardrobe and bedding are made of soft, non-abrasive materials, can make a huge difference. Choose bedding made of cotton and avoid synthetic material for a skin soothing sleep.

Softer Sanitation!

We get it. The first impulse you have when the hundredth person of the day coughs in your general direction is to reach for the Purell and sanitize. No one wants to get the flu, but using harsh alcohol based lotions and sanitizers causes chapping and over drying. To keep germ free, and protect your hands from cracking and dehydration, try a hand sanitizer that offers solutions for sensitive skin. Here’s a list with some unique ingredients to help keep hands soft and healthy.

Dimensions of Moisture

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In the winter, it takes a bit more effort and work to keep skin hydrated. Time to up your moisturizer game. Try layering techniques to help seal in the essential oils, vitamins, and minerals your skin needs. Start with an oil base, right after a hot shower, so your pores are open and ready (use our organic coconut coffee scrub to clear skin of dry dead skin first). Use an all natural oil, like coconut oil, that wont leave skin feeling greasy, and will quickly soak in. After you’re oiled up, add an additional layer of organic lotion for an extra base to keep your skin hydrated through the day.

Remove and Restart

organic coffee scrub

Cold weather, chapped skin, and dried out areas of the body call for a good exfoliator. When your skin is exposed to harsher elements on a daily basis, it’s important to scrub with a gentle and all natural body scrub. Removing the build up of dead skin, will help lotions and oils soak in to heal and moisturize more effectively. Try our organic coconut coffee scrub, made with all natural and organic ingredients to gently buff the body and face. With 100% organic coconut oil, our organic coconut coffee scrub moisturizes while scrubbing. Without harsh ingredients, like fragrances, your skin will benefit without over drying.

Keep it Short

While a scalding hot shower is often the first thing you crave after a long walk home in the cold dark night, sitting under hot water can eliminate moisture and leave skin feeling dryer than ever. Try keeping showers to under 10 minutes. Baths enhanced with natural oils, like coconut oil, are a great option to keep you warm and relaxed, without removing essential oils your skin needs.

Don’t fret if your skin gets a bit dry this winter. Remember, everyone gets a little scaly. Luckily, with the right tools and moisture savvy ways, you can attack dry skin; and keep healthy, glowing, smooth skin all winter long.

Pura Vida!

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