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5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil This Holiday Season

organic coconut coffee scrub

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Santa Claus and coconut oil have something in common - they make many people happy, and dole out gifts. With organic coconut oil, the gift is 100% natural and can be applied to almost any ailment, skin condition, or beauty need to provide an all natural and gentle solution. 

Who doesn't love coconut oil? The sweet smelling miracle oil can almost be used for anything. From helping to whiten teeth to creating vegan baking wonders, coconut oil offers a natural solution to everyday beauty problems. Coconut oil plays a big part in our organic coconut coffee scrub - as it works to relieve skin and keep you hydrated both during and after a scrub session. Needless to say, coconut oil is at the top of our Christmas list and we've been very good this year.

This holiday season, tap into the organic coconut oil jar with these 5 creative ways to use coconut oil. 

Tropicalize your Holiday Hot Chocolate

organic coconut coffee scrub

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Tis the season for melted chocolate in a glass. Why not add a subtle hint of a tropical beach paradise to your mug, with a tablespoon or two of organic coconut oil? Coconut oil is full of healthy and energy sustaining fats called Medium Chain Triglycerides. These boost energy levels without clogging arteries - perfect when feeling fatigued by holiday shopping. 

Super Soak 

organic coconut oil

Unwind after a hectic holiday work party with a long hot bath. Use a large dollop of coconut oil to make bath time feel more like a luxurious spa treatment. The subtle smell of coconuts combined with the nourishing oils on your skin, will leave you refreshed and glowing. 

Christmas Cookie Time 

organic coconut coffee scrub

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Bake a healthier Christmas cookie this year, and use organic coconut oil instead of butter in your favorite holiday baking recipe. Substitute 3/4 teaspoon of coconut oil for every 1 teaspoon of butter. Looking for yummy recipes? Check out these holiday favorites and get cooking!

Sunburn Savior

After months of sweaters and coats, hitting the beach for a holiday vacay can leave your skin a bit burned and irritated. Use coconut oil to help sooth sunburns, alleviate irritation and itchiness, and promote hydration. 

Soothe & Scrub

organic coconut coffee scrub

(photo via: @mary953)

Dry itchy skin is a problem in winter. A good exfoliating scrub treats the problem, and should be used at least once a week. Unfortunately, many scrubs are too harsh and leave skin even more dried out and irritated. Use an organic coconut coffee scrub to gently remove dead skin, and moisturize at the same time. The natural ingredients leave skin feeling refreshed, not scratched, and promote smooth soft to the touch skin. 

Give yourself the gift of healthy all natural skin with organic coconut oil this holiday season.

Pura Vida! 


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