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Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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At Pura Vida Body, we hope to share a few of Costa Rica's many wonderful practices and resources with you, to not only make you feel great through the organic, natural, sustainable ingredients in our organic coconut coffee scrub, but to also introduce you to Pura Vida, and the benefits of the "Pure Life."

Our source for the organic coffee, organic coconut oil, organic brown sugar, and sea salt in our organic coconut coffee scrub, Costa Rica is a role model in environmentalism, sustainability, and healthy living. 

Santa Teresa, a small surf town on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, embodies so much of what inspires us at Pura Vida Body. From healthy living - surfing, yoga, swimming, to healthy fresh eating, Santa Teresa is the perfect winter destination to discover Pura Vida. We've got a few tips on local eats in Santa Teresa, so you'll know where to find the most delicious fresh fare when you start your trip :)  

Dining out in Santa Teresa offers a surprising amount of variety and choices for each meal. You might think that a small beach town in Costa Rica would have limited options for dining out, but in Santa Teresa the amount and variety of restaurants is amazing. For breakfast you can eat an authentic French croissant; lunch, a typical Costa Rican casados; and dinner, perfectly presented sushi fresh from the day’s catch. The international vibe that makes Santa Teresa so unique, shines in the fantastic restaurants.

A Quick Guide to Santa Teresa’s Restaurants

There are many restaurants that serve great food in Santa Teresa; here are just a few of our current favorites:


Koji's Santa Teresa

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Koji’s serves up sushi that could give the best big city sushi spots a run for their money. Ten minutes north of Santa Teresa, in Hermosa, Koji’s sits off a dirt road in the jungle. The open candle lit restaurant serves a variety of local fresh caught fish and seafood prepared in nigirl, sashimi, or rolls, as well as several creative appetizers, tempura dishes, and teriyaki. The taste, presentation, and quality are superb, and the ambiance will make you want to linger. If sushi is your thing, you will probably make the trek to Koji’s a few times during your stay.

Location: 10 Minutes North of Santa Teresa
Price: $$$
Dish to Try: Red Snapper Carpaccio
Reservations? Recommended
Contact: +506 2640 0815

Zula Restaurant

Craving some falafel and hummus after a surf session? Zula Restaurant has some of the best falafel around. The open patio is the perfect spot to take a break from the sun and enjoy a pita and falafel plate. The food is reasonably priced and always tasty, with some unique specialties. Try the tahini milk shake if you are craving something sweet and full of protein. The tahini shake is so good you will forever ask every ice cream shop if they serve “tahini,” unfortunately for you…they don’t.

Location: 700 Meters North of Santa Teresa/ Mal Pais Crossroads
Price: $ - $$
Dish to Try: Tahini Milk Shake
Reservations? Not required
Contact: +506 2640 0614


Best restaurants in santa teresa costa rica

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Sometimes you just need a pizza. While many of Santa Teresa’s restaurants serve pizza, Amici’s authentic wood fire burning Italian pizza oven can’t be beat. The taste will take you to Italy, and the friendly staff will make sure you have everything you need. Amici’s main dishes are delicious too, and they serve a delicious grilled local lobster that could impress the most cynical New England lobsterman.

Location: 100 Meters North of Super Ronny #1
Price: $$
Dish to Try: Any Pizza
Reservations? Recommended
Contact: +506 2640 0935


The flavorful avocados found in Santa Teresa lend themselves to the best guacamole and chips you will ever eat. Habanero takes advantage of the fresh local ingredients and creates authentic Mexican cuisine. Head to Habanero for a perfect place to sip on margaritas and watch the sunset. Located right on the beach, Habanero serves a variety of scrumptious Mexican food and drinks. Fresh ceviche, shrimp tacos, homemade salsas, and of course margaritas, are just a few of the menu’s highlights.

Location: Playa Cielo, 1 km North of Santa Teresa/ Mal Pais Crossroads
Price: $$
Dish to Try: Shrimp Tacos
Reservations? Recommended
Contact: +506 2640 1106

Ginger Café

If you are looking for a tasty spot for breakfast and lunch, stop by Ginger Café. The small open-air café is where you’ll find the local Italians having their morning espresso before a surf. That being said, Ginger Café serves up some delicious coffee beverages, egg dishes, French toast, and smoothies. There are a variety of fresh sandwiches for lunch, and a friendly chill vibe to enjoy your meal in. The price is very reasonable, and the homemade meals are the perfect start to an active day.

Location: 100 Meters North of Super Ronny #2
Price: $
Dish to Try: Iced Coffee and French Toast
Reservations? Not needed


pronto santa teresa costa rica

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Located in the new group of shops and restaurants of Plaza Kahuna, Pronto! provides the perfect spot for a quick lunch, dinner, or snack. The Italian street food café serves delicious focaccia, veggie sandwiches, stuffed peppers, lasagna, chicken Parmesan, rice balls, tiramisu, and more…you will want to sample everything. The fresh and flavorful quality of the food will keep you coming back, and transport you to Italy with it’s authentic taste.

Location: Plaza Kahuna, North of Super Ronny #2
Price: $
Dish to Try: Focaccia, Rice Balls
Reservations? Not needed


$ = $1- $10 per person
$$ = $10 - $20 per person
$$$ = $20 – $40 per person

Remember, most restaurants in Santa Teresa are cash only.

Happy Travels and Pura Vida!

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