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Pura Vida Body’s Halloween Check List

Get Ready For Halloween with these Halloween Inspirations!

You’re never too old to have fun, and what’s more fun than Halloween? To get ready for Halloween 2015, we’ve put together a Halloween Check list to make sure you get the most out of the spookiest holiday of the year.

Select Your Alter Ego

While it may seem daunting, there are still plenty of costumes that aren’t completely played out. For inspiration, sites like Pinterest have endless pages of quirky costumes to get your ideas flowing.

If you’re like us, and dream of the beaches of Costa Rica on a daily, try a beach inspired costume! We love this one:

Best Beach Themed Costumes

 (photo via:

Create A Creepy Masterpiece

You don’t need a great costume if you have fantastic makeup. With plenty of tutorials on youtube, you can easily find your muse and get painting! 

Scare the skin off your friends with the “terminator” look:

Best halloween costumes

 (photo via:

Before you start applying your makeup, treat yourself to an at home facial. Use our organic coconut coffee scrub to makes sure your skin is buffed an glowing before you release your inner robot.

Get Scared!

Test your bravery at a local haunted house, brace yourself for a ghost tour and be regaled with tales of the dead, or host a scary movie marathon. Get into the spirit of Halloween with a bit of fright to go with your candy corn!

Meet other Ghouls

Do the monster mash at your favorite watering hole, and show off your fabulous costume/makeup. There are always plenty of fun parties, if none of your friends are hosting one. Check your local forum or paper for Halloween themed pub-crawls, costume parties, and more.

Pumpkin Perfection

Hit the pumpkin patch, select the biggest ugliest pumpkin you can find! Take it home, trace your original pattern, and carve it. Embrace your inner child and go for it! Don’t forget to light that bad boy up, and show it off for the whole neighborhood to ooh and awe over.

organic coconut coffee scrub  

We might also add that it’s perfectly fine to gorge yourself on candy that is marketed to children. It’s only once a year right?

Also, as a special treat to you, we’ve added something special! Treat your skin to the natural luxuries of Costa Rica with our all natural organic coconut coffee scrub! Enjoy 10% off until Nov. 1st, with the discount code: BOO!

Happy Halloween!

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