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Beauty Blogger of the Week: LYMI Fashion

We love perusing instagram and the web for all things beauty, and love finding cool blogs to follow for makeup advice, skin care tips, and DIY beauty tips. We have a lot of blogger crushes, and are excited to share one of our latest favorites!

LYMI Fashion

LYMI Fashion Swiss beauty blog

LYMI Fashion is a Swiss Beauty and Fashion blog created by Caroline Deschamps and Camilla Guerini. With a passion for fashion and all things beauty, this fantastic duo are taking the blogging world by storm. Don't worry if you don't speak French or German, LYMI Fashion is in English, and with a sophisticated-chic European vibe, you'll look forward to their latest posts. 

Our Current Favorite Post: "Art on Jeans"

Best styles of jeans

Bored of the same old jeans and tee look? The ladies of LYMI Fashion show you that denim isn't dead, and doesn't have to be so boring. We love their bold images and the bright splashes of color they rock in this spread. 


Organic coconut coffee body scrub

Read the whole review here

LYMI Fashion's verdict on our Organic Coconut Coffee Scrub:

"The smell of coffee is very strong and the color is dark, so my first impression when I opened the package was that I opened a bag filled with coffee grounds. But when I applied the scrub, my skin became softer and purified immediately.

I think that it’s a really good scrub because it’s natural, it smells good (if you like the smell of coffee) and the packaging is also environmentally friendly and doesn’t take too much space in your cupboard, which is an advantage (if you love cosmetics like me and you do not know where to put them). It’s not expensive at all (12 GBP) and they deliver worldwide. Don’t hesitate to order it, you will not be disappointed."

Sweet Freebies: LYMI Fashion and Pura Vida Body's Giveaway

Organic coconut coffee body scrub by pura vida body

For instructions on how you can win a free sample of our Organic Coconut Coffee Body Scrub click here

Pura Vida!



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