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5 Unique Ways to Use Coconut Oil

coconut oil

At Pura Vida Body, we love coconut oil – specifically organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. It’s our oil of choice for our all natural organic coconut coffee body scrub, and we also use it as a staple beauty item in our everyday beauty routine (you may remember our DIY deep conditioner, made with coconut oil and honey). We’re always looking for new ways to add a bit more coconut oil into our lives, and thought we’d share our most recent coconut oil uses and discoveries with you! Hope you enjoy, and let us know in the comment section your favorite ways to use coconut oil in your own beauty routine!

5 Unique Ways to Use Coconut Oil

best ways to use coconut oil


It’s no secret that organic coconut oil feels great on your skin, that’s why we add it to our coffee scrub. Coconut oil works wonders in DIY lotion recipes, but we tend to skip a few steps and apply it directly from the jar. Organic coconut oil contains high levels of antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant elements to boost your immune system and help fight off free radicals. It adds a healthy moisturizing layer to your skin, and is a completely natural way to hydrate your body and face. The high levels of vitamin E, found in coconut oil, aid in skin repair, and keep your body’s biggest organ in tip top shape. Plus, it naturally smells amazing, without any added fragrance needed.

Makeup Remover

Putting harsh chemicals and ingredients right on the eye and face area is never fun, and leaves your skin stripped of vital moisture and oils. Remove makeup naturally and gently with organic coconut oil. Simply apply coconut oil in a circular motion to your face and eye area before applying a warm washcloth to softly remove excess oil and makeup.

Whiten Teeth

This has to be one of our favorite ways to use coconut oil – a natural and healthy way to whiten teeth?! Win! Called “oil pulling,” you place a tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth and swish for 15 minutes, repeat for a week to see optimal results. Most claim whiter teeth and cleaner mouths. When put to the test by, Chicago area Dentist Zack Zaibak confirmed the benefits of using coconut oil to keep your pearly whites healthy, stating: "It's a good addition to dentistry. (…) There's not much testing on this, but I haven't seen any negativity, from a dentist's perspective."

how to use coconut oil


Coconut oil smells like a tropical vacation … even in your armpits. Depending on your personal B.O. needs and sweat levels, applying a small amount of coconut oil to your armpit area naturally works to eliminate unsavory odors. Since coconut oil contains antibacterial elements, it fights against odor causing bacteria, keeping you fresh. Perhaps not the best choice for a heavy workout session, it’s still a nice healthy alternative to traditional deodorant.

how to use coconut oil

Cuticle Cream

A quick fix for dry nails and cuticles, organic coconut oil absorbs into your cuticle area without leaving your hands overly greasy. Apply directly to the cuticle, and rub in, to keep your nail area hydrated and healthy as winter approaches.

With so many natural DIY coconut oil recipes, it’s easy to see why everyone’s crazy for this sweet smelling oil. What’s your favorite way to use organic coconut oil?

Pura Vida!

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  • Tracy Mcmahon

    We normally use coconut oil as massage oil and essential oils too. This should be good as it’s natural and well packed with benefits. I had bought one from the Best Coconut Oil store.

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