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Beauty Blogger of the Week

We love perusing instagram and the web for all things beauty, and love finding cool blogs to follow for makeup advice, skin care tips, and DIY beauty tips. We have a lot of blogger crushes, and are excited to share one of our latest favorites!

Pavone Cosmetics 

Pavone Cosmetics Beauty Blog

Pavone Cosmetics is one of Italy's leading all natural organic beauty blogs, and a great way to practice your Italian. Valentina, the blog's founder, has a passion for all things natural and organic (or bio as they say in Europe). She created the beauty blog in hopes of sharing natural and organic DIY recipes, and as a platform to showcase the expansive and diverse world or organic cosmetics. 

If you're not a native Italian speaker, you can still enjoy her straightforward and quick reviews as well as her amazing collection of natural beauty recipes via Google Translate. We loved her latest DIY hair mask recipe (image from the post below)! 

Pavone Cosmetics blog DIY hair mask

Follow Pavone Cosmetics on instagram - where they review products and feature gorgeous photos, like this one of our organic coconut coffee scrub :) 

Organic coconut coffee body scrub by Pura Vida Body

 Pura Vida!

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