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DIY: How to Make Ginger Tea

We're usually more into coffee, but even we can't deny the temptation of a good cup of tea from time to time. Our current favorite: simple to make, fresh, ginger tea with lime and honey. 

DIY Ginger Tea - Sip between organic coconut coffee scrub sessions!

Treat yourself to a DIY spa day, and enjoy sipping on this refreshingly light brew in between your organic coconut coffee scrub sessions. 


How to make ginger tea

3 TBSP Ginger - feel free to get liberal with it!
1 Lime
1 TBSP Lemon Grass 
1 TBSP Honey - optional

Get Choppin!

How to peel ginger

How to make ginger tea with lime

How to make ginger tea with lemongrass

Ingredients for ginger tea

Boil water, enough for about 4 cups of tea. Pour onto ingredients in large tea serving pot.

How long do you brew ginger tea for?

Add honey if using.

How to make DIY ginger tea

Use a large spoon to mash ingredients and release flavor. 

Ginger lime tea with honey and lemon grass

Let steep for 5 minutes, and enjoy!

Pura Vida!



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