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Why is Coffee Good For Skin?

why are coffee grounds good for your skin?

We've mentioned how much we love coffee...We drink it, we talk about it, we put it on our skin. Besides being crazy coffee addicts, we have our reasons for being thoroughly into the dark brown grounds. The main one - it's pretty darn good for you.  

Why is coffee good for the skin? 

Coffee is naturally full of skin moisturizing oils as well as antioxidants. In case you aren't familiar with how antioxidants are helpful, they assist in keeping the body protected against free radicals (molecules that are linked to cancer and over-all body break down, aka: aging).

If you rub coffee all over your skin (organic coconut coffee body scrub anyone?), the antioxidant properties help protect the skin, block collagen deterioration, and minimize wrinkles. Minimize wrinkles? Yep, that's right - not only does coffee protect, it also gives your skin a youthful boost. Coffee has natural anti-inflammatory elements that stimulate blood flow, promote circulation, and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, scarring, stretch marks, and wrinkles. 

coffee is good for your skin. especially organic coffee scrub.

Moving on to the surface of things, coffee works wonders as a natural skin exfoliant. Coffee grounds naturally remove dead skin from the skin's surface, promoting healthy skin rejuvenation and soft youthful looking skin. An added bonus: coffee naturally smells rich and savory - so you can enjoy the fragrance of a fresh cup o'joe while refreshing your epidermis. 

You learn something new everyday, just like you probably drink coffee every day too! Interested in learning more about coffee? We've written a whole post about Costa Rican Coffee here

Pura Vida!

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