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3 Eco-Chic Brands That Are Getting It Right

best green brands. which brands are the best for the environment?

It's Saturday afternoon, and you're in the mood to do a little shopping. You hit your favorite neighborhood, and begin to explore a plethora of unique and trendy boutiques. Feeling adventurous you wander away from your normal route, down a twisty narrow alley. Suddenly, out of almost nowhere, a store appears that looks as though it's been curated just for you. Score! Best day ever. 

Like many 20-somethings, we love to shop, but hate the fact that so much of what is for sale is bad for the planet, bad for workers, and bad for our health. Cue, shopping sustainably plug: At Pura Vida Body we focus on providing an all natural, organic product that wont wreck the environment - or your skin. We source organic ingredients, never add fragrance, and are conscious about where our ingredients originate. Inspiring a healthier shopping option, and being a conscientious consumer, is important. Too often smaller companies with amazing values and products, inspired by creating healthier shopping options, go under the radar.

Whether you're looking for home goods, beauty products, or clothing items, there is always a choice. A choice to support brands that promote fair and healthy product production, and environmentally sustainable practices. We feel passionate about this, and have discovered a few other cool brands that do too. We hope you wont mind if they're not at the end of a seldom traveled twisty street, and are instead available 24/7 via the magic of the interwebs. 

Here are our current favorites -

3 Eco-Chic Brands that are Really Getting it Right:

1. The Flavor Fix

the flavor fix spices


instagram: @theflavorfix

The concept behind The Flavor Fix is unique and culinarily motivating. Based on the idea that spices bring a new perspective to old dishes, infuse worldly flavors into meals, and are typically underused in most kitchens, The Flavor Fix literally spices up customer's lives. Whether you join their monthly subscription service: The Monthly Flavor Fix, or decide to go for a spice blend on demand, you can be sure that their all natural, organic, sustainably sourced spice mixes will deliver the flavor. Since we're coffee freaks, we're loving the Cafe De Olla Sugar Blend

2. Vint Studio

italian designs by vint studio

instagram: @vintstudio

Welcome to vintage-cool, Italian all natural style. Evoking inspiration from geometric patterns and color pallets of the past, Vint Studio brings non-toxic, environmentally friendly, home accessories to the table (literally). With chunky-chic neutral ceramics, softly sturdy merino wool baskets, and more, Vint Studio embodies the unique tranquility of the Italian Alps. We're into the handmade decorative clay bowls

3. Orygin

best wooden sunglasses

instagram: @oryginlife

Spanish style, eco-friendly design, and UV400 protection, Orygin wood and bamboo sunglasses are handmade and stand out. From red-tinted lenses and beach inspired shapes to chilled out blue reflective glasses that evoke the Caribbean, Orygin creates cool shades done with consciousness. We're eyeing the Round Caribbean's for our next beach trip. 

These 3 Eco-Chic Brands are only a small sampling of the many environmentally friendly brands out there. We hope to inspire conscientious shopping choices, and encourage all brands to think about their environmental and health impacts. 

what is the best organic coffee scrub company?

Pura Vida! 








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