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5 Healthy Summer Foods We Love

what are the healthiest foods?


Summer is in full effect - the temperatures are hot, the beaches are packed, and some of the most delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables are in season. At Pura Vida Body, we try to eat as naturally and organically as possible, because, we believe that everything you put in your body affects your energy, health, skin, and overall well being. That's why we pack our organic coconut coffee body scrub with all natural organic ingredients and never add fragrance or chemicals.

Eating organically, and treating your body to organic skin care, is an easy way to get started on a healthy path for the summer (and hopefully beyond). Luckily, summertime yields some of the sweetest most flavorful produce, making it easy to move away from the ice cream. 

We get that you're probably busy, which is why we've highlighted a few of our current summer snack favorites. While you might not have time to prepare elaborate meals, you can easily grab these energy boosting organic snacks to get you through the day. 

Here are our Top 5 Healthy Summer Foods worth grabbing next time you're at the market: 

the health benefits of pineapple

1. Organic Pineapple  

Juicy and sweet, pineapple contains huge amounts of Vitamin C, giving your body a boost in antioxidants while ramping up the immune system. Eat it cut up, add it to your favorite dish as a natural sweetener, or try this sweet and sour dish

why are mangos good for you?

2. Organic Mango 

Peel back the tough outer skin of a mango, and discover a juicy fruit full of nectar and fibrous fleshy goodness. Like pineapple, mango provides an excellent source of Vitamin C and fiber. Mango is also rich in Vitamin A, promoting eye health. Plus, it's the key ingredient in mango lassi - yum! 

best avocado recipes

3. Organic Avocado 

Full of heart healthy fatty acids, avocados are truly a super food. Containing more potassium than bananas, the creamy and versatile fruits also provide an excellent source of fiber. *Bonus* you can use avocado in just about everything... 

what are the health benefits of raspberries

4. Organic Raspberries and Blackberries 

Nature's candy! These two tasty berries can be found in the wild on a hike, or at your local farmer's market. Raspberries and blackberries are an antioxidant bomb that assist in fighting cancer, aging, and can even help control blood sugar and weight. Grab a few handfuls, or throw some into a delicious pie to share with friends (ok, this isn't the healthiest option...but ya gotta live a little :) ). 

how to open a coconut

5. Organic Coconuts 

Now you know we couldn't complete a list of fabulous healthy foods without throwing in one of our all time favorites - the coconut! We DO love coconuts, but with good reason! The tropical gem not only contains delicious water to drink and fruit to eat, but is also packed full of healthy goodness. Coconuts contain fatty acids that assist heart health, they can improve digestion, and reduce the craving of sweets. Don't be afraid of picking one up next time you're at the market - they're not that hard to get into! 

Hopefully by now you're hungry and ready to grab a few of our top 5 healthy summer food choices! We'd love to know what your favorites are, and if you have any recipes, tips, or tricks to share!

Pura Vida! 

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