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DIY: Summer Solution to Dried Out Hair

After the summer and hanging out in the sun, your hair needs some serious organic deep conditioner

Ahhh summer. Every extra moment of free time is spent in the sun, at the pool, or by the beach. You start to get tan, your hair may get lighter, and all is good.

The Dilemma 

A month goes by. Now, your hair feels like straw, isn't so shiny, and is pretty much destroyed. Sound familiar? 

Why is it that the best time of year leads to dried out hair? In an article for Women's Health, celebrity stylist Richard Marin explains: 

“Summer includes overexposure to the sun, swimming, and products with alcohol, which can all dehydrate hair (...)."

In the past, to combat the wreckage of summer, we've tried all types of deep conditioners: deep conditioners with bright coloring and eye-wateringly strong fragrances, deep conditioners that come in giant plastic containers and contain all sorts of weird chemical names + 150 ingredients. This time, we decided to try something simple, organic, and all-natural, and see if we could deeply condition our hair...naturally. Thus, we set out on a mission to create our very own, DIY deep conditioner for hair. 

The Recipe 

After researching ingredients and results, we were excited to discover a recipe containing one of our favorite go-to oils - coconut oil

We used:

-2 tablespoons organic coconut oil
-1 tablespoon organic honey

DIY Hair Conditioner Recipe

We heated the coconut oil slightly, just so it melted. Added the honey, and whisked for a few minutes to mix.

How to make your own conditioner

Once mixed, we hit the shower, washed our hair, padded it so that it wasn't sopping wet, and then worked the conditioner through our hair - roots to ends. We used the entire amount before wrapping our hair in a towel and leaving it on for 20 minutes. 

The Results 

 How do I make my own deep conditioner naturally?

What we loved:

  • Super easy and quick to make (definitely a doable DIY)
  • Smelled great! What's not to love about organic honey and coconut oil?
  • Easy to apply in the shower & work through hair
  • Nice consistency, not too greasy or sticky
  • Softly and effectively conditioned hair - added shine & moisture!
  • No harmful chemicals, fragrances, or high price tag

Overall, extremely happy and satisfied with the results!

Full disclosure - the day the deep conditioner was applied, hair was a bit greasy. Our solution: a top knot and a wash in the morning. Day 2, hair was clean, non-greasy, and softly conditioned.

Used our all natural organic coconut coffee scrub while spending time in the shower to quickly exfoliate - adding a glow and healthy look to our face and body to match our healthified!

Pura Vida! 


  • Pura Vida Body

    That’s amazing to hear Katie! So glad you tried our coconut oil honey deep conditioner recipe and loved it! We’d love to see pics of your luscious locks :) Pura Vida!

  • Katie

    OMG this is EXACTLY what my hair needed! Love the all natural and easy ingredients and the results look fabulous :D

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