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Think Outside the Mug: 3 Ways to Use Coffee Everyday

3 Ways to use coffee everyday. How to use coffee around the house

At PVB, we LOVE coffee. We drink it when we wake up, we agonize over the best ways to brew it, we make difficult decisions about which roast to grind, and of course we use our leftover grounds to create fantastic skin stimulating body scrub

Truth be told, we are a bit biased toward Costa Rican coffee - you can read more about the rich and diverse flavors of Costa Rica's coffee beans here. What can we say, our name is Pura Vida Body after-all.

Enough about our addiction to the king of beverages, let's get to the point of this whole post: Coffee's many wonderful uses (outside of drinking!):

How to make organic coffee scrub

1. Compost

If you're a gardener, and you compost, you will be happy to know about one more thing you can put in your bin: Coffee Grounds. 

Coffee grounds add a nice source of nitrogen to your compost and soil - which assists in the growth and reproduction of plants. Low in acid (that gets filtered out in the watery brewing process), grounds add a balance to garden soil that is essential. 

Studies also suggest that coffee grounds attract worms - a gardener's best friend. 

2. Eliminate Odors

To naturally and gently remove unpleasant smells, coffee grounds get the job done. For indoor spaces and automobiles, coffee grounds assist in removing lingering odors that just wont go away. Especially helpful in removing the stink of cigarettes, the dark ground beans absorb without leaving behind any lingering smell themselves.

Rather than dousing your home or car in chemical fragrances, fill a bowl with ground coffee and place near or in the offending area. Soon, your car or room will smell neutral - all without spending tons of money on air fresheners and professional cleaning. 

3. Rejuvenate and Revitalize Skin

Coffee grounds are the key ingredient in our Organic Coconut Coffee Scrub. Not only does it smell great, but it also has subtle health benefits. Here are a few reasons we love rubbing coffee all over our skin:

  • Coffee grounds naturally exfoliate dry, dead, skin to promote healthy skin rejuvenation
  • Coffee grounds stimulate blood flow in the skin and promote circulation with caffeine - helps reduce cellulite, scarring, and stretch marks
  • Coffee contains natural antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Naturally aromatic, coffee offers a sweet molasses aroma both soothing and stimulating during bath time

Where to buy organic coconut coffee scrub

So wake up, smell the coffee, and use the grounds for tasks around the home; a natural solution to gardening, cleaning, and pampering.

For more great tips on how to use your left-over coffee grounds, check out this fun article from BuzzFeed

To get your hands on some all natural, organic, coffee scrub, well, you've come to the right place ;)

Pura Vida!

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