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The Coffee of Costa Rica


The types of Coffee in Costa Rica

  1. Tarrazu: Coffee produced on the fertile volcanic hillsides of Tarrazu are considered superior, "full-bodied with more aromatic complexity."Tarrazu's coffee plantations produce over half of the country's coffee. La Minita is perhaps the most sought after coffee in all of Costa Rica. It comes from Hacienda La Minita in the mountainous Tarrazu region.
  2. Tres Riós ("Three Rivers") region of Costa Rica is known as the Bordeaux of Costa Rica. Vibrant coffees from this high-altitude region are described as "well balanced and sweetly smooth." Situated just east of San Jose, in the Costa Rican interior near the Irazu Volcano, this region has a very specific microclimate and its coffee reflects that uniqueness.
  3. Meseta Central (Central Valley) is a high-altitude growing region that includes San Jose, Heredia, and Alajuela. Celebrated for a special chocolaty flavor, coffee from the Central Valley continues to be extremely popular with international buyers.
  4. Valle Occidental (Western Valley) coffee beans are acclaimed for their unmistakable peach and apricot flavor. The high-altitude coffee from this region has excellent acidity and good aroma.
  5. Brunca is located in southern Costa Rica. Although Brunca is a mid-altitude region, its beans are recognized for their thickness and exceptional acidity. Good body and aroma also characterize the coffee.
  6. Orosi is another middle-altitude coffee-growing region. It is renowned for its fertile soil and exceptional climate, and the coffee is of superb quality. Beans from Orosi have a long, uniform shape.
  7. Turrialba is the lowest-altitude growing region in Costa Rica. Beans from Turrialba are good-sized but have lower acidity. The coffee may have less body but it is praised for good aroma.

So have a cup, or seven :)

Pura Vida!

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