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Why is Costa Rican Arabica Coffee the Best for Drinking and Coffee Scrub?

Organic coffee scrub

At Pura Vida Body, we love coffee.

We love to drink it and we love to scrub with it. 

We're picky about the coffee we drink, just as we're picky about the coffee we scrub on our skin. We want the best - the best quality, the best for the environment, and the best aroma/flavor. 

At Pura Vida Body, we also love Costa Rica. 

The natural beauty, the healthy lifestyle, and the abundance of eco-consciousness, make it a model for how countries should protect the environment and treat ecological resources. 

Costa Rica has high quality, delicious, coffee with many varieties and flavors. 

coffee scrub

Why is Costa Rican Coffee so Good?

The delicious, balanced, and perfectly flavored coffee of Costa Rica is the result of several natural factors.  

The soil and landscape of Costa Rica, provides a nutrient rich base from which the coffee plants grow. Volcanic, and full of minerals, the soil of Costa Rica has the perfect mix of minerals, acidity, and humidity. This combination of naturally nurturing soil, provides a healthy base from which coffee plants can grow and gain flavor.

The altitude at which Costa Rican coffee is grown, adds to the intensity of the flavor as well. Often grown in the Central Valley of the country, beans are grown at over 4,000 feet - eliciting a strong aromatic flavor and ripening. 

The Arabica bean is a popular variety of coffee grown in Costa Rica. At Pura Vida Body, we only use organic arabica Costa Rican coffee in our coffee scrub. Arabica is more difficult to grow, and is often sustainably shade grown, allowing for a slower ripening and more flavorful result. Shade grown coffee, also prevents the destruction of vital rain forests and animal habitats. 

organic coconut coffee scrub  

The Best Coffee Scrub

A more flavorful, potent, coffee bean, Organic Costa Rican Arabica Coffee makes for the perfect base for a luxurious coffee scrub

Scrubbing your body with an organic coffee scrub means that you aren't exposing your skin to harmful toxins and pesticides. 

Benefits of Organic Arabica Coffee Scrub: 

  • Naturally exfoliates dry, dead, skin to promote healthy rejuvenation
  • Stimulates blood flow in the skin and promotes circulation with caffeine - helps reduce cellulite, scarring, and stretch marks
  • Contains natural antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Naturally aromatic, Arabica coffee offers a sweet molasses aroma

If you wouldn't drink it, why would you scrub with it? Enjoy the highest quality ingredients, and the natural luxuries of Costa Rica when you scrub with Pura Vida Body's all natural organic coconut coffee scrub.  

organic coffee scrub

Pura Vida!


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