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Announcing Partnership with Etyka Beauty Box

Pura Vida Body is excited to announce our latest partnership with Etyka Beauty Box!

Pura Vida Body coffee scrub and Etyka

A luxury beauty box, Etyka is the first subscription box to combine ethical and sustainable values with luxurious natural products. Filled with samples of beauty products from around the world, the products are never tested on animals and are ecologically sound. Many of the brands found in the box each month, have strong ties to community, the environment, and animals, and give back to their causes. 

Subscribers personalize their box with color preferences and language, as well as delivery. The box also comes with a gorgeous eco-fashion and beauty magazine, promoting sustainable and cruelty free practices and trends. 

Etyka beauty box - pura vida body

The Etyka beauty box is Swiss made, and embodies the quality and standards of luxury European ethical beauty. The stylish box brings monthly surprises that are both high quality and cruelty free. 

etyka beauty box and pura vida body

Pura Vida Body is honored to partner with Etyka to provide samples of our organic coconut coffee scrub. We value ethical and sustainable beauty practices, and never test on animals. Through our partnership, we hope beauty fans can learn more about the benefits and luxuries of all natural and ecologically friendly brands and products, as they are not only better for one's health, but also for the planet. 

Look for Pura Vida Body's organic coconut coffee scrub in Etyka's boxes - we can't wait to get ours! 

To order your Etyka luxury beauty box, head here.

Pura Vida!


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